I guess the Bible is a mysterious book to a lot of people.  To the unbeliever it is a book of confusion and controversy.  Yet to the believer it is a book of power, truth, and promises of a coming time when time will actually be no more.  The unbeliever does not understand the meat of the bible because it is spiritually discerned.  The unbeliever first must believe God exist and is real, secondly he or she most trust and believe in Jesus, believing in His death, burial, and resurrection and at that point they will be saved.  Jesus changes lives, He converts meanness into love, cruelty into compassion, selfishness into humbleness and I could go on and on about how wonderful Jesus is. Yet, people will not give Him a chance, they won’t pray or read the Bible, they just won’t try to make a difference in their life or the life of their families.  They believe that man wrote the Bible and that it is some sort of a myth from the ancient days of long ago, yet if they would give it a chance they would see that the predictions written within its covers speak to us and of us today.  They would read about prophecies that were wrote 2600 years ago about Israel becoming a nation again and the Jewish people coming home, and that Jerusalem, which is God’s Holy city, would be a stumbling block to the world.  Welcome to the events of the modern world and the last days!  The Bible was written over a period of about 1500 years, by 40 different people, and in 3 different languages yet it keeps the same story line and flows through time error free.  The Bible is the greatest read this world will ever know.