Ask yourself this question, “What is my purpose?” Why, am I here, and what is after “here?” When I look at the world and attempt to answer these questions, I find no logical reasoning. I find lies and deceptions that are in the world and have always been in the world. Man is only man, he has no control over where he is going, he can’t figure or know the future, he can’t control time or aging, and surely man has no control over death. I did not decide where to be born, I was not able to pick my parents, or the country I would be born in. I had no control over my nationality or race. So why do people feel they have a right to judge and look down on others? We are that, that God created, and He created us through our mother’s wombs, we are born for the enjoyment of God and His pleasure. His love for us is above anything that we know and He takes pleasure in us. We are here to make a decision, “Will I believe God, and trust my life to Jesus Christ?” Jesus paid the sin debt for me and made it possible for me and you to be debt free and have a good standing with God. Final thought, “We were born and live on this planet called earth, we cannot be unborn, or cease to exist, our soul and spirit belongs to God, He gave it and it will live either with Him or without Him forever and ever.” We are here to decide and make a choice, what will it be?