Bible reading today: Jeremiah 12 and 13, Psalm 74: 1-11, Proverbs 22, Acts 3.

Today’s scripture verse:  Psalm 85:6.  Will you not revive us again so that your people may rejoice in you?

We are invited to join together in prayer for the Lord’s work and the furthering of the kingdom of God. Prayer can work the impossible. It is the true way to revival. It sets the heart of the one who is praying on fire, as well as the one prayed for. It sets lukewarm meetings ablaze. It fans the flames of revival in cold ministries. It opens the hearts to receive the Savior and opens the door to the wonderful works of God. It is the key to the mighty outpouring of the Spirit of God to convict sinners and lead them to salvation, and confirm the work with His signs and wonders and gifts. We need to believe in the God who changes the times and the seasons and history in response to our prayers. Revivals that sprang out in the past were a result of prayers of individuals who were burdened with this vision, and who believed that their God will answer. And the spiritual rains came and the fire fell.