You know God is involved in every moment of our lives, whether we believe this or not.  He has carefully mapped out every centimeter of our journey, not only through this day, but even the days that lie ahead. Nothing surprises God!   You know this world is in a fallen condition, and things always seem to be falling apart around us.  We should expect to find troubles in this day, but we must remember God’s way is perfect, even in the middle of the storm, God never forsakes us or leaves our side, He never sleeps or tires, and it pleases Him to love us.   I have chosen to let the Holy Spirit guide me today, step by step, He will protect me from unnecessary trials and will equip me to get through whatever this day will bring.  As we trudge through the life of living in this evil world, we must keep our minds on heavenly things.  God is the Light and His presence will shine on all of us if we will allow Him. He gives us His Peace and Joy, of which, our daily circumstance cannot touch or remove.  Amen.