Today’s scripture(s) verse:

Romans 3:3

For what if some did not believe? Shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?

It is easy to read and write about stories from the Bible, but what do we really believe?  Some people believe the bible, word per word, yet some extract what they want to hear, and others don’t believe anything it tells us.  Some people don’t believe in God or Satan, and that is sad indeed.  We must realize that Satan is a real person, a real threat to the people of the earth.  Remember now, Satan is a fallen angel, and may I say he is a very powerful angel, but then in again, all angels are stronger than man.  Some believe that Satan may have a body of some sort, maybe not flesh and blood, but a physical body just the same.  Beings that Satan is a real person, smart and powerful, it would be only reasonable to assume he has a personality?  Satan is intelligent, even though sin has corrupted his original perfect wisdom, he is still the most knowledgeable creature in the universe. In addition to the innate knowledge given at his creation, he has acquired much experiential knowledge in his war against God and man throughout the centuries after his fall. So we can see by all this that Satan is intelligent and crafty, to say the least.  It should also be noted here that he possesses excellent memory.  Satan knows the bible and remembers it all better than we do, by knowing the scripture, he is able to twist the little things, and make them big issues.